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Mrs. Sayar Kathotia

“I came to Sangita because Reiki can help me with emotional healing. I was desperate to release my anger and lack of self-worth. With each reiki session I became more realistic and felt my personal power slowly returning. Now I’m back to living “in the present”, self-assured, with a healthy positive attitude. I definitely recommend reiki and spiritual healing with Sangita for healing any issue.”-

Mr Doug Collins

“Reiki healing felt warm, comfortable, and relaxing, which surprised me. There was no pressure. A little while after the treatment, my knee cap felt quite cool in one spot. It was very interesting. Thank you! It's hard to describe, but it felt very good, and it healed the painful knee I'd had for months and which I'd been dreading would interfere with playing my favorite sports tennis. And believe you me, it really worked, not exaggerating one bit. This distance healing thing really works man”

Mrs Ghazala Khan

“I always look forward to reiki with Sangita. I suffer from anxiety and excessive worry and Sangita is one of the only persons that can help me be at one with the present moment. She has also been instrumental in my current quest to achieve greater spirituality in life. She is very nurturing, calming and is always fully dedicated to my treatment throughout our entire visit. Distance healing also seems to have a lot of positive effects after the visit. She has a wonderful gift and I consider myself lucky to experience her spirituality and magic.”

Mr Suyash Pandey

“I completed my 1st level of reiki attunement. I experienced my most profound shifts with Sangita’s work. It was amazing. Within a day I saw results of shifts in my internal and external world (stress reduction, finding solutions for financial matters etc). Sangita is a gifted healer with a very special degree of compassion.”