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Nirvana Moment #48

Open Heart Surgeries are becoming far too common and bring along whole lot of complications !

Reema Kumari from Bangalore approached us with critical case of her young sister who was advised open heart surgery and she herself was extremely jittery about the whole thing. She had amazing faith on healing capabilities and hence contacted us.

We as a team quickly identify with people with unstinted faith in healing energies and pour our heart and soul into the effort.

Reema opted for intense healings that is 4 healings per day as against normal 2 healings a day. We started on Thursday as surgery was scheduled to be on Saturday. On Friday morning we were told surgery postponed to Tuesday as some vitals were not ok and this puts amazing burden on family members.

We stand there with the family in these times and as per family wishes healing was postponed to Monday. But we kept healing in the meanwhile as even Tuesday was doubtful and it was critical to pass positive energies.

Surgery happened on Tuesday and it was successful and all apprehensions were laid to rest. However immediately after surgery lung pressure was very low and patient was lodged in ICCU for observation.

As soon as we got to know, we intensified healings further and within 24 hours patient was shifted to normal ward and is doing exceedingly well.

Healing was extended for second term and patient continues to recover much faster than expected..

Worldwide Reiki Healing is known to help patients in pre and post-surgery recoveries in an amazing manner.

Reema kept us abreast with all the developments twice a day and we were also equally keen to get updates.

Energies are showing us the way every day with a new eye opening experience. The whole experience for the family was also far less stressful and they were able to glide through the situation effortlessly.

Reema said, “ I got your reference from a friend and was very sceptical but once I read about you I somehow got some amazingly positive vibrations. Must say the emotional support is far more valuable than anything else under these circumstances. And Team Nirvana is par excellence in that. We as a family will always be extremely grateful to this amazing bunch of people for their unstinted support.”

We thank Almighty and these Positive Divine Life Force Energies for being our guiding spirits through all these times and enabling us to be part of these miracles every single day.