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Nirvana Moment #46

Our Guiding Force This positive Divine Life Force Energy provides us fresh guidance every now and then !!!

Handling patients of ICU/ICCU/CCU and Trauma is becoming a way of life at Nirvana ! Off late we are encouraged by the response these energies are delivering in these cases.

Next 2 cases we would narrate the same stories and we are elated to share its heart-warming experience to get a LIFE out of the jaws of death. We are turning around quite a few stories now.

Divya from Hyderabad called us after a bot or research about us from various sources, herself a doctor she had a plethora of questions that we answered to the best of our capabilities and here she was along with her brother who is also a dentist decide to go forward with Healing for her mother in ICU.

Her mother age 74 was in ICU for a while and now doctors had given up and suggested them to take her home and arrange for a ventilator there till she survives. None of the body part except her head were moving. She was in that state for more than 15 days now.

We deployed our senior most healer who now specialises in handling these cases with an amazing amount of passion and some mind blowing comfort and positivity delivery to attendants.

In this pursuit we also devised “intense healing” for such patients as time is always running out, instead of 2 healings per day to a normal patient these patients are done 4 healings in a day to ensure we turn around as fast as possible if the possibility is there. These capsules are only 5 days normally keeping in mind the situation of the patient.

As always here we were, 4th day client reverted with definitive signs of improvement and body movements. And also extended the healings by another five days. Today we are into the fourth cycle and witnessing improvements every single day.

The lady is now having her own food and showing consistent improvement in body movements in addition to responding very well to the attendants and obviously everything around the family had changed for good.

Our understanding and plan of action in such cases is that we clean aura multiple times to remove negativity that this patient may be absorbing from current environment hence intense healings required.

Divya ji exclaimed,” This certainly is magic beyond words. We had almost lost out when I came across this magical therapy that me and my brother just could not believe and got down to lot of research to start with. But today we are in the best position to put a firm recommendation to all the people in similar circumstance it may be extremely worthwhile to try these alternative spiritual therapies that obviously are causing wonders. My family does not have words to express our gratitude to this amazing team of God’s messengers” Team Nirvana is Grateful to this Positive Divine Life Force Energy to guide our paths to such mind blowing experiences that we pass through on a regular basis.