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Nirvana Moment #52

This is The Case of Kaliyug !!!

Guru (name changed) is a very well renowned architectural engineer in a major city in South India (for obvious reason we cannot share) with many awards and accolades to his name and was known across the length and breadth of the geography for his matchless work, dedication and honesty.

God also sometimes tests super talented and intelligent people. Guru approached us in almost panic situation. He was in an extreme state of Anxiety for more than one reasons. It was difficult for him to breath and he was barely able to talk to us.

We calmed him down to understand his issues. Guru was in a terrible mental state as he had very high anxiety levels and that had led to damaging his relationships at home and he was on the verge of separation with his wife.

He was not attending office for many times and nobody knew the reason. Efforts to know from his co-workers were also futile.

As always Team Nirvana spring into immediate and urgent action and healing was started For Guru. We deployed our senior most healer and took up the challenge.

Guru was very diligent in receiving the healing and tried his best to mediate during the healing sessions.

Guru extended healing from 5 days to 21 days as he was already seeing results. His mind was calming down and he was able to concentrate on his family and kids.

Here we go as always towards 15th day Guru shared pictures celebrating picnic with his family and his anxiety had vanished. His relationship with his wife became smooth and kids were able to spend time with their father.

Guru never shared the exact reason for this high level of anxiety with us. 21 days healing was over and Guru was very happy and seemed to be back on his track. We concluded the healing and Guru heartfully thanked us and wrote appreciative messages as he was out of the hell that he experienced barely 20 days back.

We thanked POSITIVE DIVINE LIFE FORCE ENERGIES for sorting out another life !

Guru would chat/speak to us off n on and would discuss general things. We always felt he wanted to tell us something.

Exactly after 15 days, Guru opened up. He wanted to attend office but was not able to despite his best efforts.

Here was the story that opened up – Guru had excellent rapport with his previous boss and thoroughly enjoyed his work.

Three months back he got a lady boss and was being forced to indulge in corrupt and unhealthy practices. Forget about doing but Guru had never even thought of getting onto such practices.

Guru was feeling strangulated and was not able to take up any new projects that caused anxiety and impacted his family life and obviously his official performance.

High performers are gullible in these situations and so was Guru !

Guru told us that he is dying to go to office and resume work but he is just not able to for the fear of his boss.

Now this was a huge challenge and we set to resolve this. We asked for his lady boss details and started healing for 5 days.

And this Miracle was waiting to happen ! Third day of the healing a team from his office along with his lady boss came to his house to request him to join office and assured all kinds of support to accomplish some really critical projects.

Guru called us immediately after the team left his place. He exclaimed, “I have never ever experienced such miracle in my whole life. When I thought my life, my career, my family was all over I don’t know how I came across you. You are the most genuine messengers of God. I don’t have words to express my gratitude towards Team Nirvana. May God shower his choicest Blessings on you all.”

In these times of widespread negativity all around us, we may be subjected to tough tests like this one but our test lies in being patient and have trust in universe. God always help who walk the path of honesty and integrity.