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Nirvana Moment #61


Yes ! that’s right !

This was a court case pertaining to 3 generation old will of a Dynasty in Punjab with assets worth twenty thousand crores confiscated by forgery and other fraudulent practices many many years ago.

The case was also running for ages and was genuinely a very complicated issue.

The party that approached us was our promoters close friend and he approached us in January, 2019 enquiring if healing could help in court cases of this magnitude as at that point in time case was not going anywhere at least not in their favour.

Healing is known to work like MAGIC in legal matters if you are fighting the right cause !

We as always took up the challenge and started Healing process. Our friends were so dedicated and has immense trust on the process that during these 17-18 months they almost availed healing 7-8 times at all critical junctures in the case.

Judicial healing is a bit complicated as it takes immense effort and you also need to heal client, his case and the judicial officer handling the case.

In about 4-5 months the case started taking positive turn in our clients favour and we also had a strong intention while healing that opposite party should not defer the hearings to their advantage and manipulate as they had already done in the past.

At every critical hearing or argument dates our client will start healing in advance without taking any chances with immense TRUST & CONFIDENCE in us.

We would also put everything into the case as we had seem giant strides being made in the recent past.

Opponent party was also not leaving any stone unturned as stakes were really really very high and judicial system does offer loop holes now and then.

The proceedings were continuously getting positive except that a few judges changed in between and hence some little hurdles which are part of any legal procedure.

Around March, our friend called saying that its almost done and because of pandemic the judge will be writing judgement from his home and hence will take some time.

Healing was continued with intensity and positivity and optimism was all around.

On 3rd June, 2020 there was a front page news item in all papers and our friend sent a note of thanks right in the morning. The case was decided in their favour and the dynastic wealth evaluated at 20000 Crore will now be theirs which was eluding them for years because of malpractices like forgery and misdeeds.

Our friend exalted, “We are grateful for your spiritual help and the way things steered in our favour its simply unimaginable. Generally it’s very difficult to prove forgery that too so many years old in the court of law. But it just continued to happen and happen like a smooth flowing river. Our immense gratitude to our healer Ashwinee Pradhan ji who worked tirelessly and was always sincere, dedicated, honest and always spot on. We could clearly see the power of these energies guiding us miraculously. Thank you will be a too small, we are indebted for life to Team Nirvana and our healer”.

People invest their lives in such cases and they run for decades and generations. In about one year and 7-8 healing cycles of 21 days the result was a MIRACLE for us also.

Team Nirvana has been engaged in many judicial healings but this obviously was very big one and delivered immense satisfaction and joy since it belonged to our friends.

We bow down to the prowess of these POSITIVE DIVINE LIFE FORCE ENERGIES that continue to guide and at the same time surprise us every single day.

Team Nirvana is now blessed with so many Blessings, Goodwill and a large spiritually connected family simply because we own your problem like ours and convert them into Simple Winning Moments to be remembered for life !