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Nirvana Moment #62

This is “TRANSFORMATIONAL” case for Nirvana healing Centre !!!

A Marriage dead before it could happen REVIVED 

Yes, when we took this case hopes were negligible and was communicated to the client accordingly.

Isha from a very respectable high class family in Indore approached us with a peculiar problem. She got engaged in a family of repute and was very lucky to get a guy in the same profession with same mindset and very understanding nature.

It was a grand ceremony and both families were obviously elated. Boy and girl were developing a terrific understanding and getting closer day by day. They had a very strong communication and had already started planning life.

The lady was also getting professional guidance and support and they were professional friends also getting into career planning and other stuff.

Isha had old anxiety issues and as the relationship progressed she would sometimes loose temper and some bickering had started creeping into the relationship. It continued for a while and then families got involved.

The guy told his family that temperaments were not matching now and he wanted to call off the marriage immediately. Lot of deliberations happened but to no avail. Boy’s family still liked Isha but had no clue about her irrational behaviour at times as reported by their son.

End of the day it was his life and his decision had to be respected and implemented by all. The marriage was called off formally and was communicated socially as well.

This is when Isha came to us and was apologetic about the mistakes that she had made in this beautiful relationship. There was absolutely no communication between them.

She asked us the difficult question that every client coming for relationship healing asks that if this will work out and our answer is consistent that if the person is in your destiny he/she will certainly come back with healing as relationship issues are only because of intense negative energies. When simultaneously healed both people shed these negativities and things work out.

Our immense success in relationship healing is the testimony to this fact and now we feel proud having thousands of strayed lives on track giving relations a new lease of life.

We took up the challenge and started healing Isha and her partner with intense healings. 5th day man forwarded some jobs to her and she was obviously very happy. When she tried starting a conversation he was not responding. We counselled Isha as this required intense emotional communication to bring the man back. She religiously kept trying as guided. The man had a very hectic schedule and it was difficult for him to respond frequently. Also his male ego must have been forbidding him at some point in time.

Around 10th day night finally communication started and they were exchanging messages well into midnight but the man was reluctant to talk about relationship for now.

Isha was feeling dejected as bouts of communication were irregular and abrupt at times and when she would try talking about getting back into relationship he would suddenly wriggle out of communication.

This continued 5-7 days and again we also thought it looked difficult to work out.

In the meanwhile in good days they had applied for a job together and as per Isha that was her “dream job”. But because of lockdown they had not heard and given up all hopes.

Suddenly Isha called and told that she got some indication of the job prospects reviving and it could only be because of healing. She asked us how we could help and we proposed job healing/interview healing.

We started healer her separately for her dream job and she got interview call for second round in 2 days. Interview went exceedingly well and things looked working out.

Energies were at full play and when Isha shared good news with the man he immediately got into conversation and a constructive one.

Dialogue picked up from 17th to 20th day of healing and we wanted to close healing sessions at a high so intensified healing sessions.

And here we are the boy has now expressed definitive interest in reviving the relationship despite all odds being there. He has proposed Isha to meet outside their native city and in Mumbai to sort out all issues away from families in between them.

Isha is now extremely hopeful of winning on both fronts marriage and job and both with his dream choices.

Isha called on last day of healing, “This is something unimaginable and I seem to be dreaming ! I actually pinch myself when things happen so fast and frequently in just 21 days when both the key aspects of my life seem sorted out ! Thank you team Nirvana for you healings and more important outside healing support and mind blowing guidance. I am honestly still not able to believe that life can actually change in just 20 days !!!”

Now thousands of people like her have been benefitted and many lives sorted here at Nirvana ! Relationship healings are extremely satisfying as there are extreme emotions involved and Healing is the only alternative to bring lives back on track.

We are Grateful to Almighty and these POSITIVE DIVINE LIFE FORCE ENERGIES to have bestowed their powers on us to serve mankind in their most challenging times.