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Nirvana Moment #64

Nirvana Healers are “Virus Winners” while country is producing Virus Warriors !!!

Having done 1000+ Virus cases with almost 100% success rate.

An extremely critical female patient 65 years in London had virus infection with multiple ailments like Hyperthyroidism, Liver Cherrosis, Diabetes, Hypertension, Pancreatitis and obviously family members were informed that chances for survival were minimal.

Her son already healing with us was devastated and contacted us for help. As always we pressed all our resources with best healer and started Intense Healing.

Her son continuously kept calling us as hospital staff had absolutely no hopes. We would counsel him and assure our best efforts every time.

Multiple healings were passed in a day repeatedly and we requested for chest x-ray for organ healing which we could not get.

3 days in a row were very traumatic for the family as they were just being updated twice in a day and every time being told that lady was critical.

Team Nirvana as always was waiting for the miracle news and here it was ! 5th day they reported that there was a miraculous change in patient condition and sent her picture that she is back at home smiling aloud.

At times we also are zapped how things progress at such speeds and completely hopeless situations become amazingly surprising for all of us.

Her son Called us saying, “Mom is back home and I don’t know how it happened ! that too in 5 days straight while there was absolutely no hope from medical practitioners. I have no words to express my gratitude for having given a new life to my mother. Me and my family are indebted for life.”

Another virus case was heart moving for us for many reasons ! One that the child was just 4-5 months old. Two almost all members in the family were virus positive. Third and most important she was child of our beloved student who had done Master Teacher course from us.

Obviously these were reasons compelling enough to put all our might behind the child. Her mother called us in tears saying that she is being taken to hospital as she had developed 102 fever and was really worried.

We started Intense Healings and in less than 6 hours temperature came to 100 degrees. Second day child was shifted from NICU to normal ward and had no major issues and all vital parameters were stable.

As we write, today is 3rd day and the child is most likely to be released today/tomorrow from the hospital.

Healing is working like magic in case after case and our belief is getting more and more galvanised day by day.

Mother of the child expressed her unconditional gratitude for Team Nirvana as she was an integral part of our very large healing family.

The third case again came from one of our students and this was from Bihar. Her mother was on bed for lack of strength in her body and was coughing n had acute breathlessness with fever.

Family was in panic and there was no testing facility nearby. Medicines were not doing much on her and hence family was clueless.

Her daughter called us in panic and said she was rushing home as her condition was deteriorating with cough and breathlessness had no relief.

We pressed our best healers into action and started very Intense Healings for her. By the team she reached home next day her mother was on recovery path already and after many days slept well that night.

In 4 days she recovered considerably and had resumed home operations to some extent with some cough issues still there. We concluded the healing in 5 days and have the report that she is almost normal now handling her house cores along with her daughter and family is immensely relieved.

Her daughter our student called us,” I pressed panic button with my extended family Nirvana and as always they more than lived up to their reputation and stood up with their best resources. I rushed from my workplace to my home town just to discover that my mother had almost recovered by the time I reached home in less than 48 hours. It was an amazing family after a troublesome air and road travel. Any words of Gratitude wont suffice to thank their effort.”

Team Nirvana has now done more than 1000 Virus cases successfully in 7 countries of the world till now. We are proud to announce that except one case ALL have been successful. The one we are reporting also stopped healing after initial stint for reasons unknown to us.

As we all know that Virus has no defined treatment, we would urge all the healers worldwide to brush their healing skills and help people in virus distress.

We are ourselves amazed at fast results with healing when we put our strongest healing capabilities to work.

Bow Down to the Prowess of These Positive Divine Life Force Energies !!!