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Nirvana Moment #67

This case was “Chamatkar at Next Level” !!!

These Energies just don’t fail to surprise us and sometimes far beyond our own imagination.

Mital from Mumbai in her late thirties had a very difficult life in last 10 years or so.

She was just out of a bitter divorce battle that left her deeply hurt, scathed and scathed with her 6 years old daughter.

Mital is highly skilled and has been trying to create career but because of these mental agonies was struggling to move forward.

Mital came to us with serious complaints, in addition to anxiety disorder she has severe endometriosis, low back unbearable pain, strange phobia that her erstwhile husband will take away her daughter and the latest diagnosis of ovarian cancer which brought her to us for healing.

Obviously so many issues and challenges can break anybody but we would like to salute her as she was fighting this lone battle in addition to taking care of her old parents and little daughter by working hard in the field of foreign languages.

We deployed our best healer for the job and Mital also received healings with utmost sincerity and belief.

People who accept energies with sincere gratitude and trust are bound to see amazingly fast results.

And on the same lines from third day itself Mital was reposting amazing changes and was full of positivity and energy in a week’s time.

Her back pain was completely gone and she was confident than ever before to pursue her career goals. Our healer being a good counsellor as well helped her tide over the challenges with a strong and positive mind.

Mital wanted to initiate healings for parents as well after witnessing these astonishing results.

Towards the end of 21 days healer advised her to take cancer test again for which she was reluctant at that point in time.

We concluded healing sessions with a sea change in her life and she was happier than ever before and repeatedly acknowledged healer’s sincere efforts.

Turning point was yet on the horizon. Mital was more or less in touch with her evening after healings. She would have various questions on our articles and healing modalities as she herself wanted to learn healing.

Approximately 15 days after healing Mital called in evening and she was almost jumping exclaiming,” I just received my ovarian cancer report and you know what it’s GONE !!! I don’t have any signs of cancer anywhere now. I am totally surprised and shocked. Accept my heartfelt gratitude for having caused this miracle. I can never ever thank you enough for this.”

We suggest our patients always to be Grateful to Lord and their Healers !

While Team Nirvana is pretty used to causing these miracles but sometimes they take our beliefs also to an astronomical levels by doing all these HUGE miracles.

We at Nirvana are Gratefully indebted to these “POSITIVE DIVINE LIFE FORCE ENERGY” to be our guiding force all the time.