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Nirvana Moment #68

This case features a promising Miss India contestant whose life went for a toss for many reasons & we are delighted to share that Healing got her back on track much faster than expected.

Kriti (name changed) approached us amidst a situation where her life was completely crumbling under multiple issue pressures.

Young girl got married to an established NRI in US but because of earlier visa complications could not travel along with him after marriage and had to stay with her own parents as in laws also moved to US shortly after marriage.

Marriage also lead to derailment of fashion and modelling career and life to her seemed completely out of sync.

She was frustrated to the core and she started slipping into depression/anxiety of high grade. She would misbehave with her parents as well and because of continuous pressure her husband was also drifting apart.

Immediate separation after marriage is known to trigger negativities and in this case pandemic period added fuel to fire as nobody could travel.

Kriti developed multiple complications over a period of time as she would feel lonely and continued accumulating negative energies continuously.

To worsen the situation, she started developing skin complications and as we can easily guess its killer for a beauty and fashion professional any day.

She got patches on her skin that developed huge anxiety issues leading to uncontrolled anger and aggression even with immediate family members.

And now the biggest of all issues, she had very high cravings for physical needs but because of situation was away from her husband for almost a year that triggered usage of artificial means to take care of those craving and obviously they have very adverse effects on mental and physical set up of any human being.

So overall it was an extremely complicated case and as always Team Nirvana took up the challenge to the core as Kriti approached us in completely dilapidated condition after having tried many healers a few of them of international repute. But nothing at all seemed to work for the negativities she had accumulated over period of time.

We appointed our senior healers who could provide intense healings and get her out of this mess.

Good news started trickling in within a week of healings ! First report was a miracle for us as she reported immense improvement in grave skin issues that gave her immense joy.

This was followed by amazing calmness in mind that guided her to take some spiritual exercises and meditations to keep her mind calm focussed and constructively engaged.

Sexual craving also fizzled away gradually and she was peeping into normal life style once again. She had started approaching modelling community for assignments and contents that were upcoming.

Kriti buoyed by the amazing results of healing in just 21 days decided to avail relationship healing as well as many negativities had crept into the newlywed couple and had drifted them away over a period of time. There also was immense trust loss between the couple over various nagging issues.

Relationship healing turned around things and they were spending hours on video calls making the marriage happening again. Her husband also started exploring possibilities of vising her as soon as possible.

Her relationship with her own family underwent transformation in the meanwhile and she was finding immense support in the family.

Kriti is in very good touch with us and keeps updating status as she has just won a pageant and also has joined a few active fashion and social service groups.

Kriti followed up aggressively to ensure we write this testimony in time and share with her as she wants to highlight her struggle with all these issues and an emphatic victory over them in a very short span of time.

She exults. “I was a lost soul barely a month ago when I bumped into Nirvana, many times they would scold me like a child as I was too anxious over the skin, career and other issues that I had accumulated over time. Having been healed by some international healers I had completely lost hope when I came across Nirvana and contacted them out of sheer frustration. And here was the turning point of my life. Thanks and Gratitude are small words that can explain what Nirvana has done for me in such a short span of time. You can easily find guide, teachers, counsellors in them and especially whenever you require. They are amazingly available all the time and that believe me is immense support system.”

These tough times have rocked many boats of life across the world and Team Nirvana has been tirelessly working to bring them back on track. With the blessings of this “Positive Divine Life Force Energies” we are able to turn the tide every time very successfully.

We bow down to the prowess of Divine Energies !!!