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Nirvana Moment #69

This was Most Astonishing Case ever at Nirvana !!!

Ravneet Sharma (Name changed) from Delhi availed healing treatment for his nephew and father and got amazing results !

He was himself grappling with a. strange issue and was not able to gather courage to talk about it. One fine day he called us to explain the issue and it genuinely moved us also.

Ravneet was fighting a 12 years old legal case in which a person was killed after meeting with accident on a scooter with his car. The case was going on in the same court for last 12 years and was completely against Ravneet.

Case was in final stage where charges had been framed and Ravneet was likely to get 5 to 12 years imprisonment in addition to hefty compensation to be paid to affected family that could be 25-50 lacs as the deceased was claimed to be sole bread earner for the family and they claimed that they had no financial support.

Honestly situation looked very bleak as all arguments and discussions were over in last 12 years and Ravneet was heading towards dark times of his life.

While we were in no position to offer any solution to Ravneet but we did tell him to try healing immediately at every court appearance.

These positive divine energies have their own ways and we started healing Ravneet date by date. Healing would start 5 days before the court date and this had to continue.

Ravneet followed the discipline and on 3rd date there was a very surprising news. The judge got transferred and a new judge was appointed for his case.

His advocate in defence also got changed as the senior advocate fighting his case passed it on to his next heirs.

In next 2-3 hearings strange things happened ! Nobody ever took serios cognizance of the fact that the two wheeler hit from behind and hence the entire blame cannot be on the car driver and this was an entirely new dimension that went in favour of Ravneet.

Another very startling observation by the new judge was that the affected family was in weak financial condition 12 years ago and there was a need to check the same fact in present day and hence a police delegation was appointed to conduct enquiry and submit report on the same.

The family had progressed leaps and bounds and were in sound financial state as per the report submitted by senior police officials.

The entire case took a new turn with these developments and court was compassionate towards Ravneet unlike last 12 years.

Finally Ravneet got relieved with submission of an apology bond and a minimal compensation that needs to be provided to the affected family.

Honestly we never ever thought that this all could happen in 3-4 months and so drastic changes can happen in an individual’s life.

Ravneet exclaimed, “When all my nightmares were showing me terrible times in jail and insecurities of losing monies that could severely impact my family’s future, exactly at that time God gave me this light of Healing ! Team Nirvana stood by me like family and guided at every step. 12 years long ordeal ended surprisingly pleasantly ! I would never be able to repay Team Nirvana for their life saving efforts in my case.”

We bow down to these “Positive Divine Life Force Energies” for always having helped as emerge victorious in most grim circumstances.

There are many cases after this where miracles are being caused in similar court cases and we continue to help people entangled in complicated legal issues.